add search button to MAXDictio word frequencies and word com

add search button to MAXDictio word frequencies and word com

17.08.2018, 16:52

Currently the user can search the MAXDictio word frequency results for words or word fragments but needs a search button to trigger the search rather than on entering in the search box.

The current functionality starts searching as soon as any character is entered into the search box.

As a result, if the frequency results are large, and the user wants to search for more than one letter, the first letter of the search term entered into the search box results in the system ignoring further keystrokes until it has completed searching for the first letter.

For example, in a MaxDictio Word Combination Frequency result of 60,000 word combinations, if the user wishes to search the results for "code", MAXDictio freezes input and searches for "c" as soon as it is entered into the search box.

An improvement would be to give the user a search button to initiate the search after they have entered the full search term, rather than searching immediately on the first keystroke in the search box.

Version: MAXQDA 2018
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