List of problems encountered in our project

16.08.2018, 12:45

We are trying to analyze a larger project with MAXQDA, and have run into many problems so far. We have emailed support or posted them on the forum already. The purpose of this topic is to summarize and list all problems we encounter together (the list will probably be updated, since we keep running into problems, bugs or missing functions).

1. Main problem: what we want to do is too heavy for MAXQDA.

1a) Descriptive statistics function not possible on all documents, see

1b) Code Matrix Browser function not possible

Problems related to functions not doing what they are supposed to do:
2a) frequency tables do not actually give frequencies, if you use subcodes.

Because neither the Code Matrix Browser nor the Descriptive Statistics are available as options to us, we have to perform all analyses outside MAXQDA. We use Excel now.
It's a pity, because MAXQDA is an expensive program, and for analysis we have to turn to other software programs.

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