Shared 'Code Library'

31.05.2018, 13:31

Dear all, I have a peculiar question/feature request (I am, however, open to other suggestions about this!)

Is it possible to have a 'Code Library' so that the code system is shared between multiple projects?

I can see this being beneficial when working with multiple MAXQDA projects that relate to the same research (for example, transcripts may be stored in one project and other materials may be stored in another). When a new code is created with one project open, opening another project that also shares the same Code Library would automatically show the code there too.

Version: MAXQDA 2018
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Re: Shared 'Code Library'

26.06.2018, 07:54

Dear caledavis,

thanks for your question/idea! Well, currently you can export your code system into it's own format (.mtr) via "Codes > Import/export Code system". So it is possible to share the Code System and use it in multiple projects, although this is not automatic. Syncing it between project files would probably require too many fundamental changes, taking into account how MAXQDA is a database program, so I don't really see this coming.

Your "refresh sets"-idea in your other post however seems very useful to me, I hope the development team can take this up (they are also reading here), but don't get your hopes up that this will happen soon, the larger updates with new features are planned & programmed months in advance.

Thank you again for your feedback & ideas!

Kind regards,

Andreas V.

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