Suggestion needed for Themes/Categories

09.01.2018, 09:22

Just asking for any suggestions. I have coded my 15 interviews in MaxQDA with 125 codes. I have 6 themes/buckets/categories that I need to organize the codes into:

Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3


Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 6

Some of the codes need to go into 1,2, or 3. I also need the some of the same codes to be in 4,5, or 6. Is there a way to accomplish this so that I can use it with MaxMaps? I tried using Sets, but they don't seem to work with MaxMaps. Any ideas are appreciated.

Version: MAXQDA 2018
System: Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)

My current research:

Toolkit: Bookends, MaxQDA, PDF Expert, IA Writer, MindNode, OmniFocus, SwiftText, DEVONthink, Alfred, and ClipMenu
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