One segment with multiple codes & complex segment retrieval

One segment with multiple codes & complex segment retrieval

13.10.2017, 00:59

Hi, our team are using MAXQDA to analyze an open-ended survey on user experiences towards a new software. The survey gathered about 1,000 responses. We imported an excel file with all comments into MAXQAD and made each respondent a document. Some of the codes we assigned for the aspects of experiences are interface design and accessibility. We also want to know if the comment is positive, negative, or neutral. For example, is the comment about positive attitude towards the interface design? In the end, we are expecting to use MAXQDA to 1) export all positive comments customers have, no matter it’s about interface design or accessibility, 2) export results of a certain aspect, e.g. positive experiences of software interface, and 3) generate descriptive data on the percentage of positive/ negative/ neutral comments each aspect has.

To meet these, we created a parent code as “interface design”, and another parent code as “valence”, with sub-codes of “positive’, “negative”, and “neutral”. The two codes “interface design” and “positive” were both assigned to segment A. However, we have problem retrieving the coded segment. We first tried “Activate by code variables” function as ... ding-query described. However, it only worked for the first time. If we redo the function, nothing will be retrieved. We have tested this in two laptops and observed the same issue. Is it a bug or just we did it in wrong way?

We then changed to “Complex retrieval functions” as in ... ctions.htm. It did retrieve the intersection between “interface design” and “positive”. But the problem is the retrieved segment A in the retrieved segment window only show the subcode of “positive” but not “interface design”, causing troubles if we want to know which aspect we are talking about.

We are curious whether we are on the right track regarding our three expectations for MAXQDA. If we are, then how could we retrieve as desired, e.g. retrieve the segments both “positive” and “interface design”, with indications of the two codes in the retrieved segment window?

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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Re: One segment with multiple codes & complex segment retrie

13.10.2017, 12:17

Hi Shadowyu,

I have to be brief because I just wrote a lengthy response and it all vanished. :twisted: So to make it short: Both document and code variables (you seem to have them mixed up) are not really what you are looking for I think. The tool that would be the most helpful is called "Code-Relations-Browser". You can read about it here: ... ping-codes

And see a video about it here:

Simply activate all of your "thematic" codes (interface design, handling etc.) and start the CRB. For columns, choose "all activated codes". For rows, select "Choose top level code", and select your "valence"-top code with the "positive, neutral, negative" subcodes.

You should get a neat table that shows you all the overlaps and their frequency either visualized or as numbers. If you click on a square, the segments with the respective overlapping codes will appear in the "Retrieved Segments" window.

I hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
MAXQDA Support Team
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Re: One segment with multiple codes & complex segment retrie

14.10.2017, 18:33

Hi Andreas,

Thank you so much. We tried the Code relations browser and it worked out! I can also click on the cell, say "interface design" & "positive", and see all the coded segments in the retrieved segments window now :D .
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