Adding PDFs to documents imported from Excel sheets

21.09.2017, 23:02


I am working on a research project that involves coding a large number of PDFs (of reports) and am thinking about buying MaxQDA to complete the project. The problem is that I have already completed a number of the files and the coding is saved in an Excel sheet. I was able to import the documents and save my coding as a set of document variables without trouble--however, there seems to be no way to attach the original PDFs to each document?

In short, is there a way to add a PDF to a document that already has a set of document variables but is otherwise blank? Or perhaps I can add the PDF for each report into my project and merge it with the document that was created for the coded report from my Excel sheet?

Hope this is clear.


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Re: Adding PDFs to documents imported from Excel sheets

25.09.2017, 09:12

Hi Lennart,

I hope I understand you correctly: you don't only wish to attach/link your PDF to a specific document (that's easy by the way: right-click on the document, select "Properties", and set an external link by clicking on "..."), but you're asking about how to replace the existing (empty) document with a PDF, right?

I can think of one way on how to achieve this: First you export your document variables. Then you rename either your PDFs to match your column "Document name", or vice versa. Then you create a new project, import the PDFs, and then import the document variables. Since the names are identical, the variables should be assigned to the correct PDF files. You can read more about the import of document variables here: ... iables.htm

I hope this helps! If not, don't hesitate to write us again.
Kind regards,
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