MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

04.06.2017, 18:47


My MAXQDA12 has begun slowing down and stalling a lot.

Often the program stops responding for several seconds. This happens especially when opening larger text files in my Document System. The program gets particularly slow when in the Coded Segments menu opening any segments from the larger text files or from image PDFs.

(My largest text file is about 570,000 characters (with spaces).)

It is becoming increasingly difficult to work and I worry about the long-term usability of my MAXQDA archive.

What to do?

Thank you

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Windows 10
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

10.06.2017, 16:13

Have you received a reply to this post from last wk? Both the performance issues you describe and the silence of the developers are really unacceptable in software at this price point (or hundreds of dollars less, frankly).

I purchased maxqda a few else ago for a project which will be running for the next 15 months, but the issues you report make me nervous about committing my data to it. Especially if the developers don't find you request worthy of a response.
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

12.06.2017, 15:36

Dear lauri,

I'm very sorry for this late reply! We had some unusual shortages in staff over the last week, and as a result, your question has not been answered in the appropriate time. But please be assured that we take questions about the performance of MAXQDA-projects very seriously!

However, it's difficult to tell what is going on with your project from afar. I have seen project files with hundreds ofs PDFs running smoothley, while others take quite long for just a couple of files. The reason for this is that the perfomance depends to a large degree upon the quality of the PDF-file. If you can open them fast in another PDF-reader like Foxit, then it's almost certain that they will also be processed fast in MAXQDA because we use the same engine. If however the PDF has multiple layers or is really huge, then it will take a while to process them (with MAXQDA or any other program).

Moreover, it is advisable to not integrate PDFs that are larger then 5MB directly in the project file (most people tend to ignore the build-in-warning from what I see).

With simple text files however, there should be absolutely no performance-issues whatsoever, or at least not with just half a million characters.. so there might be something else going on that we are currently unaware of.

We have contacted you via E-Mail to ask for your project, so that we can analyse what exactly is going on.
MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

26.06.2017, 20:41

Dear Derick

I received a response on June 12. i have now sent my project file to the staff. Hoping this can be solved.
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

13.09.2017, 20:27

Hi there,

I have been experiencing similar issues with my project in recent weeks. Coding had initially been very easy, but now the program becomes unresponsive and has difficulty closing. The total number of Word documents I've coded is less than 20 and none of the individual files are anywhere close to 1 MB in size.

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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

14.09.2017, 10:18

Dear Alan,

thank your for bringing this to our attention. To find out what's going on, I have just sent you an email asking for your project file. My educated guess would be that this happened because at one point, the usb drive disconnected and reconnected while MAXQDA was saving data to the project file. One will most probably only realize that this dis- and reconnecting has happened if windows system sounds are activated. From my experience, it's almost always either this or a cloud-service making problems.
However, this is just speaking from experience. I am not at liberty to discuss anything related to our clients in public, so there will be no update on this or any other support case here from my side.
Kind regards,

MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas V.
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

23.11.2017, 22:59

Hello Alan260 and Lauri,

I am trying to decide if MAXQDA is the right software to use for a project with a large volume of data (text transcripts of 70 interviews) Could you tell me if this problem you were experiencing with MAXQDA slowing down has been resolved to your satisfaction?

Thank you!
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Re: MAQXDA slowing down - because of big file size?

13.12.2017, 21:57


1) Does anyone know if MaxQDA 2018 has overcome or at least improved these issues hindering the program performance?
I am doing some tests with a project to which I imported a single Word document and the program sometimes requires a long time for responding. Even a simple coding takes some seconds. Sometimes the program crashed as well (unfortunately there is no way to send a crash report to the developers in order to let them investigate under which conditions it happens more often).

2) Could someone please give some hints on how to improve MaxQDA performance? Is there any relationship with:
- the type of the document(s) imported (rtf, doc/x, pdf etc.)
- the size of the document(s) imported
- eventually the number of formats or special elements included in these documents
- the number of codes used

I am running MaxQDA 2018 on a laptop with Win10 and 8 GB RAM.

3) Finally, could I send to the MaxQDA technical team the document I am working on to be analysed (maybe it would be easier to find out possible causes of the problem, provided that the document will be dealt with confidentiality)?

Many thanks!
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