Recovering deleted documents

29.08.2017, 08:57


I was editing variable values with the data editor and, after pressing delete a couple of times, I deleted the active document instead of just the variable value.

The document had already been coded, but I was unable to retrieve the deleted document with the coding. In other words, deleting the document also seems to delete all the code entries created with it in a sadly irreversible way. Is this correct?

Thank you

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Re: Recovering deleted documents

29.08.2017, 13:06

Dear Butterbrot,

well, the actual codes should not disappear, only the coded segments from that interview. But yes, they will be deleted along with the document..

If you have a backup with the coded document however, you can easily re-integrate it into your project by rightclicking (in the backup) on the document in question, and selecting "Teamwork Export". After you have imported the document again in your most recent project file, you can then select "Teamwork Import" (to be found in the context menu as well) to import the coded segments.
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