Search/find and replace?

11.08.2017, 06:08

Im stumped. While in edit mode, is there a way to find and replace text in a transcript?

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

My current research:

Toolkit: Bookends, MaxQDA, PDF Expert, IA Writer, MindNode, OmniFocus, SwiftText, DEVONthink, Alfred, and ClipMenu
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Re: Search/find and replace?

14.08.2017, 13:48

Dear FredS,

there are many ways to find text – either by clicking on the little magnifying lense in the "Document Browser"-toolbar, or by using the "(Advanced) Lexical Search" under "Analysis". Of course, when using the first option in combination with the EDIT-mode, you can delete them manually. To automatically change text however is not integrated, so you'lln need to use a word processing software (like Word, OpenOffice etc.) for this.
Kind regards,
MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas II.
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Re: Search/find and replace?

20.08.2017, 18:13

I use Word as the search and replace feature works great. Then I just paste it in.
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