portable license problems on MAC and Windows

26.07.2017, 16:16

I need help with the following problem: I have a MAXQDA 12 plus portable license installed in a USB stick for MAC OS El Capitan and Windows 7. The software was working well for some weeks after installation, but some days ago stop working.
Problem on MAC
- In the beginning it was not possible to open MAXQDA at all. There was a message saying that the software can’t be open, giving the options to reopen or ignore.
- After trying several times and changing to different USB ports, the program was open, but when I tried to open the file, that I was working on, the following message appears “MAXQDA can’t open the chosen file. the file may be already opened, or it has the wrong file format, or it may be broken”
- I’ve tried to open a backup copy from my local hard drive, but I get the same message
Problem on Windows
- In Win is possible to open the program, but when I select the file I want to open, the process takes around 20 minutes. During this time there is a message and a progress bar saying that the file is being optimized (or something like that).
- When the file is finally open it doesn’t work properly, for example if I select a document I can’t see the content. After that the program doesn’t respond anymore.
I have reinstalled the driver for Windows, but the problem continues.
I tried to reinstalled on MAC, but it is not possible to delete the driver.
I would highly appreciate any comment on how to solve this without formatting the USB drive

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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Re: portable license problems on MAC and Windows

31.07.2017, 16:30

Dear Maya,

thank you for contacting us! I'm sorry to hear you experience problems with the portable installation. I have created a ticket for you in our support system, a colleague of mine will attend to you soon.
Kind regards,

MAXQDA Support Team
Andreas II.
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