Insert Memos and texts of code segements into the map

Insert Memos and texts of code segements into the map

08.07.2017, 00:35

I don't know why different previews are presented in table forms in Maxqda. It would be interesting if they can be presented in concept map forms.
Concept maps are rich thinking tools.
Well crafted concept maps can be used to lay out theoretical and conceptual twists, to design a new argument by comparing and contrasting the already existing arguments.
I love this software for everything else it does. But, I am very frustrated by the maps (MaxMaps).

I want to lay down all my memos, highlighted texts alogside the codes (nodes) and compare the concepts contained in each element and construct new ideas on them. But, alas, the maps in Maxqda are just unsatisfactory.

I wish it can do as good as the Network feature of Atlas TI. Look at the [b:2m62r2bn]network view of memos [/b:2m62r2bn]here: ... -the-data/
or , how the whole network feature works in in Atlas Ti:

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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