Any plans for an Android app?

10.03.2013, 19:33

When I purchased the MaxQDA 11 license, I thought I saw mention that there were plans to develop a version of the MaxApp for Android OS. However, now I don't see any reference to Android on the site (or forum, for that matter). Did I imagine it?

Anyway, do you have plans to develop an Android version of the app? I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by those of us with android-based tablets!
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Re: Any plans for an Android app?

12.03.2013, 09:03


yes, there will be an Android version of MAXApp, but it will take some more time to develop it (we can't give a special date at the moment). If you are signed for the newsletter you will receive information about the publishing date as soon as it will be avaible.

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Re: Any plans for an Android app?

12.03.2013, 12:06

I always need a big screen for my work so I wonder how much "added value" those MAXapps provide but I am looking forward to give it a try once the Android version is out.
Thomas Ring
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Re: Any plans for an Android app?

17.03.2014, 19:01

Any update on the timing of MaxApp for android?
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Re: Any plans for an Android app?

19.03.2014, 10:53

we do not have a specific release date for MAXApp for Android, but so far it looks like we will be able to publish the App within the next few weeks.

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Julia Gerson
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Re: Any plans for an Android app?

15.06.2017, 12:00

fain enough but make it more light as possible .. :)
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