Loading a Dictionary from Excel

13.06.2017, 17:00


I found the "Managing Dictionaries" documents and am trying to load a new dictionary based on a file I created in excel.

I selected load dictionary and navigated to the excel spreadsheet I created with "category", "search terms" , etc columns. In the first row of the "category" column, I entered "storytelling" all else are "storytelling\race". In total, there are 459 terms in the "search term". I entered a 1 in the "only exact matches" column. All other columns are blank.

The issue arises when I navigate to this excel spreadsheet and load it. All that appears in my dictionary are the "storytelling" and "storytelling\race" category values. My dictionary has no terms in it.

What am I missing here? Are there special symbols I need to put around the search terms in order for them to load?

Many thanks!


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Re: Loading a Dictionary from Excel

15.06.2017, 17:00

Dear Brielle,

thank you for contacting us! That's an easy one: the second column must be named "Search item", not "Search term". I would recommend that you create your own dictionary by exporting an empty dictionary first – that way you get an excel-table where all the columns have already the right names.

Kind regards,

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