Changing computers

02.05.2017, 12:48

Would it be possible for me to export projects from a MaxQDA software subscription on my home computer to one that is owned by my university? Essentially, can content be moved from one subscription to another?

Forgive me if this is obvious, I haven't actually purchased the software yet.

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Re: Changing computers

02.05.2017, 15:18

Hi agresearcher,

Indeed, that is possible! You can open any MAXQDA project with any computer that holds a MAXQDA license, no matter which operating system (Mac/Win) was used or which languague was installed. The only exception for this rule applies to users of MAXQDA Base, who can only open projects that were also created with MAXQDA Base.

And by the way, you can always share your project with people who don't have a MAXQDA license right now, by using the free MAXQDA Reader:

It allows you to view all of your data.

If you have any other questios, no matter how obvious they seem, we're happy to help. :-)

Kind regards,

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