Re Kuckartz’s Evaluative Text Analysis Process

04.01.2017, 20:55

On pages 138-140 of Udo Kuckartz’s book, Qualitative Text Analysis (2014), he outlined seven phases for evaluating qualitative text. Regarding Phase 7 (p. 140), would you or someone recommend a source (e.g., article, book, report, site) that presents a step-by-step way of creating quantitative and qualitative data overviews and crosstabs for conducting in-depth interpretations of cases? Thank you for this professional courtesy. W

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Re: Re Kuckartz’s Evaluative Text Analysis Process

07.01.2017, 16:10

Hello Wodge,

I think this paper might be of interest for you:
Guetterman, T., Creswell, J. W., & Kuckartz, U. (2015). Using joint displays and MAXQDA software to represent the results of mixed methods research. [i:33kgshvl]Use of Visual Displays in Research and Testing: Coding, Interpreting, and Reporting Data.[/i:33kgshvl] Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 145-176.

It doesn't contain a step-by-step guide, but an overview which displays might be used for which purposes.

Furthermore, the chapters of the MAXQDA Reference Manual on the Mixed Methods functions provide a good overview of each function and might give you ideas, how you can use the functions to answer your research questions: ... eneral.htm (you have to navigate to the next chapter at the end of each page)

Best regards,
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Re: Re Kuckartz’s Evaluative Text Analysis Process

07.01.2017, 21:27


Excellent suggestions! Thank you.
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