Default to- Documents open in a new tab

09.12.2016, 15:05

I thought id like to air this suggestion once again, as it is bothering me like crazy :lol:
[i:15znzfeo]Could we please have an option for setting the default way to open documents to be in a new tab?[/i:15znzfeo]

Here is what frustrates me: I am working on a document but quickly want to check something in a new document; I want to work on two, three or 10 documents at once (PDFs for instance). I double click a document i want to open and WHOOPS whatever document was open in a tab in the document window is closed. This also happens if i click on a coded segment in one of the many dialogue windows that appear when I conduct code searches or look at an overview of my memos. In short: [b:15znzfeo]Please dont close documents when I didn't ask for it![/b:15znzfeo].
Otherwise this is one of the best professional pieces of software I have ever worked with- thank you

Version: MAXQDA 12
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Re: Default to- Documents open in a new tab

12.12.2016, 08:56

Hi hibmathbergen,

Thanks for posting your idea, I have added this to the feature request list.

Best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
Training, Coaching, Analysis for Research & Evaluation
Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Default to- Documents open in a new tab

13.12.2016, 13:37

Thanks Stefan you guys rock at listening to the requests of the users and helping them use the software to the fullest :!:

Kind regards
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