Importing Transcripts

20.06.2014, 16:16

I watched your video tutorial for importing video/audio files and it was very helpful. However, I am having trouble importing transcripts that I have already created in another program. I am using InqScribe, which does include time stamps, and can export in plain text, tab-delimited text, and xml. None of these formats seem to be recognized by MAXQDA as transcripts, because it does not ask me for a corresponding media file, or pick up the time-stamps automatically.

Is F4 and rich text format the only way to import transcripts into MAXQDA?
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Re: Importing Transcripts

24.06.2014, 19:36


yes, at the moment f4 transcripts are the only recognized time stamps in MAXQDA 11. But we have to be a little bit more precise: MAXQDA recognizes all timestamps in the format, that f4 uses: #hh:mm:ss-ms# (ms with one digit, i.e. #02:01:45-5#)

If you can convert the timestamps in this format, MAXQDA will recognize them. Maybe you can use the f4 demoversion to convert the timestamps?

Alternatively you may decide that you don't need the timestamps, because you don't want to have the audiofiles "a click away"? If you don't need them often it may be enough to open the media file and scroll to the timestamp position ...

Hope this helps,
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Re: Importing Transcripts

25.06.2014, 01:08

f4 demo won't work because the length of the video file you can transcribe is limited to something like 10 minutes, and my files are all 45+ minutes. I also need frequent time stamps for my analysis. However, I think I can figure out a way to convert the time stamp formula in Inqscribe to this format. That's what I needed. Thanks!
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Re: Importing Transcripts

12.10.2016, 15:28

Hi almk42,

I have a similar problem and I was wondering if you can let me know how you managed to convert the Inqscribe timestamps to f4.

Thanks a lot,

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