Allow drag-and-drop coding while in 'Editing' mode

21.03.2017, 20:56


Please re-allow drag-and-dropping coding of selected text within a document, even while the document is in 'editing' mode.

I usually edit and code at the same time. But now, every time I drag a code onto some selected text, it does not work and the document rather jumps to its beginning (it only works when I drag the text onto the code, which is less intuitive). This was not the case in MAXQDA 11.

If you could re-allow the drag-and-drop coding regardless of whether the document is in 'editing' mode or not, it would be very helpful.

(For me personally, I do not see the need for having the 'Editing on/off' option as such, but I'm sure others may disagree.)

P.S. a smaller request: could you please make it possible to stop seeing the constant pop-up message which recommends not to keep one's MAXQDA files within a Dropbox folder? i do need to keep my file within a Dropbox folder (with backups elsewhere), and so the message comes up every time the software launches.

Thank you

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Re: Allow drag-and-drop coding while in 'Editing' mode

05.04.2017, 10:59

coding edit mode.PNG
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