Max app for IOS / android?

05.04.2016, 12:11

Hi there

I love Maxqda, and would love to be able to work on other platforms than the desktop eg. IOS. Is the IOS app still in the works or has the project been canceled?
It would be great for the iOS/android app to offer basic coding of documents (with codes from the desktop version of the software): pdf's, word files etc. Then one could use a tablet as a reading device when longer texts have to be coded, this would offer great flexibility in the coding workflow and also in the office ergonomics :)

Kind regards

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Re: Max app for IOS / android?

05.04.2016, 15:43

Hi Peter,

we fully understand that it would be nice to switch between desktop and mobile app to work with a MAXQDA project.

But the idea of the MAXApp is to collect data and to start coding of text, not to interchange projects, which would mean lots of functionality on a small device with less handling options.

By the way: we have just released the new MAXApp version for iOS, that works fine on iPads with iOS 9 now and that allows transfer of data to your computer via iTunes and a cable connection between iPhone and your computer.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Max app for IOS / android?

08.04.2016, 12:04

Thank you for your reply Stefan

One could argue that finding an article and initiating work on it is recording data- (pdf support would be great) :wink: Also when supplementing ongoing research data with newly recorded data, one might find it helpfull to be able to apply previously created codes to this data. I appreciate that you intend to make the best possible software for each platform, utilizing their strength but simply having acces to ones codes might not be in conflict with this philosophy.
Maybe a users codes could live in the cloud?

Kind regards
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Re: Max app for IOS / android?

01.05.2017, 07:40

The App works well done. The biggest issue is that i cannot import audio files in the project (although i can import images and videos) which seems very strange. And other this is really nice app, but native synchronization with desktop version (projects or at least codes, which could have been easily stored in centralized cloud) is missing.
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