Fetures request: Collecting data from the web

12.04.2014, 11:17

Hi there,

Right now it seems that the only way to analyse data from the web is to print it as a PDF and then import it in MAXQDA. I could imagine several better ways of doing that.

1) Create a firefox / chrome extension. This would be my preferred option, and ideally it would work like the evernote extension: the page would be directly codable, and importable in a Maxqda project. Seamless integration.

2) Create a way to import Evenote or Diigo data: that way the pages would be transformed directly into documents in MAXQDA and then they would become codable.

Is this is any of your plans?

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Re: Fetures request: Collecting data from the web

17.04.2014, 14:05

Dear Francesco,

you are right at the moment the only way is to print web site as PDF.
We will consider your request for the further development, thanks for this!

Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Fetures request: Collecting data from the web

22.05.2017, 15:49

Make Qualtrics API importing easier and update surveys automatically.
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