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19.02.2014, 23:35

I find the idea of MAXApp every interesting; however, in practice it is not especially useful for my purposes. The text editor is not full featured enough to write detailed fieldnotes. In addition, the coding functionality basically assumes open coding. There is no way to import lists of previously used codes from MAXQDA. In my opinion, the app would benefit greatly from the following:

1. Better text editing capability
2. The ability to open document files created in other applications. In other words, having MAXApp be an option in Pages and similar programs under the "Open in" command. This may negate the need for serious text editing functions within the app itself.
3. The ability to import codes from a MAXQDA file so that documents can use both newly generated codes and codes created in the main project.
4. The ability to import documents from MAXQDA to code. I would love to be able to handle routine coding of existing MAXQDA documents on my iPad with its touch screen. In fact, this is what I first assumed the app would allow me to do. I was disappointed to learn that it's only designed to write new notes/codes and then import them into MAXQDA. I would absolutely love to do the opposite as well; import (perhaps partial) MAXQDA files into MAXApp, work on them and then export them back to my main project file.

I'd be curious whether other users have similar feelings about what a mobile QDA app should be able to do.
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

26.02.2014, 16:58

I agree with all the above - mostly number four. It would be fantastic to be able to use my iPad to code existing MAXQDA projects. I, too, was initially thinking that's what the app would do.
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

12.04.2014, 11:14

One more vote for number 4! This is what the main function of the MAXapp should be, this is what the Atlas.ti ipad app does (even if it does have its own problems).
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

12.04.2016, 11:11

Just requested something very similar. Bringing ones codes into the field setting is the essential aspect to me. Also coding articles in the tablet format would be very useful.
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

22.10.2017, 22:21

This is probably obvious, but the ability to code PDFs on the iPad as well as text documents would be really helpful. I tried pasting some oral history interviews into the MAXApp text box but all the white space that structures the PDF visually gets lost in MAXApp, making it quite hard to work with.
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

23.10.2017, 10:06

Hmm.. do you think that's a problem that results from how MAXQDA handles PDFs, or that results simply from the fact that a PDF with fixed ratios might be hard to read, let alone work with, on a tablet? I am asking because I don't like reading/working with PDFs on a tablet in general, but I don't see how the problems with large white spaces etc. are MAXQDA-specific. So I don't know which recommodation I could write for our wishlist, since I'm pretty sure we won't get rid of the white space.
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

24.10.2017, 14:42

Hi...I don't think I was clear here.

The issue arose with MAXApp (for iPad) not MAXQDA. At this point, MAXApp doesn't allow working with PDFs directly. To try to work around this, I copied and pasted the text from a PDF (this one, actually ... kalson.pdf ). But the blank lines that separate each speaker get lost in the copy-paste process, so there's no white space in the pasted output. (I've had the same result with other PDFs). Hence I'd prefer to be able to code the PDF directly in MAXApp.

Having said, that, yes, I agree PDF is not an ideal format for tablets, but in practice I would guess I'm doing 60-70% of my reading & highlighting of secondary lit. (& primary sources that don't require intra-document coding) on the iPad. Often I'd prefer ePub & Kindle formats which handle whitespace and pagination much better -- but getting annotations out is not as easy or clean as PDF. If MAXApp could also support ePub format, that would be great!
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Re: MAXApp Feature Wish List

25.10.2017, 00:05

One other thought - please add undo to the text document screen, and/or provide a way to lock the document content while coding. It is quite easy to accidentally select and erase existing test while selecting in order to code, so undo would be really helpful!
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