Feature suggestion (and what do others think?)

02.08.2013, 02:47

In the previous version of MaxQDA, right-clicking to 'Create new document' would immediately create a text document. This made it pretty fast and simple to rapidly set up a document system of placeholders, to be filled in later, which happens to be how I set up my project. At any rate, it was just a two click process to create new documents. Now that MaxQDA offers table support, we must select whether we want a text or table document after clicking to 'Create new document's. This isn't a big deal, but it's noticeable enough that I find myself feeling nostalgic for the old way.

My feature suggestion is this: Break apart the 'Create new document' into two options -- 'Create new text document' and 'Create new table document,' so that both options are preserved but the dialogue is once again reduced to two clicks (right click + left click), shortening the total 'chain' of labor and restoring the previous efficiency. The downside of this would be that the right-click menu would hold an additional item... and perhaps some users prefer having a single 'create' and then manually choosing the type?

Anyway, that's my idea for a minor enhancement. Keep up the good work!
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Re: Feature suggestion (and what do others think?)

08.08.2013, 16:02

Hi varlokkur,

this is an interesting suggestion, which we have put on our list. In our experience the function to create new texts (or documents) is not used very often (or let's say: from the most users), because we think most people are analysing existing documents, that are imported in the MAXQDA project file, and most own writing happens in memos.

But we will keep this in mind for the further development and I would be glad to hear other opinions and experiences about this ...

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