Mixed Methods

24.05.2017, 06:43

I have a question about mixing blending method.

The mixed method of MAXQDA includes code matrix browser, inter-code relation builder, and so on.

The Code Matrix Browser allows you to obtain the number of category definitions for interviewees.
I am wondering whether this can be described in my original paper.

As a question, it is doubtful whether it is appropriate to use some kind of statistical method for the number of codes per subject and the data table that could be confirmed by code matrix browser.

The content I am considering now is to show both Spearman correlation coefficient results and both code and category relationship diagrams.
And I want to make it an original paper as one of mixed research methods.

MAXQDApro seems to be able to implement the validity of performing quantitative statistical processing on codes and categories created from qualitative data.
However, by doing that, it becomes a question whether there is any problem on the statistical method.

Though it became long, if there are books, papers, professors about my doubts, someone would like to thank you very much.

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Windows 10
satoshi sasamura
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