social network analysis in MAXQDA

03.04.2017, 13:06

Hello! I am writing to see if anyone has any knowledge about how to conduct social network analysis (traditional or modified) using MAXQDA? I understand that MAPS are more for visualizing at the theoretical level, and not a platform for analyzing or modifying the data set. Can anyone suggest various ways to pursue SNA in MAXQDA, please? Thanks in advance,


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Re: social network analysis in MAXQDA

05.04.2017, 09:16

Dear Kristin,

MAXMaps is MAXQDA's tool for or visualizing connections between the different elements within a MAXQDA project. These “objects” can be inserted into the MAXMaps drawing pads, and connections can be made manually in order to visualize a complex graph of relationships or automatically by using the Model Templates: ... axmaps.htm

MAXQDA does not offer statistical tools for social network analysis.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team
Malte Hilker
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