MAXQDA & Discourse Analysis

13.02.2017, 10:31

I am writing a dissertation that methodologically uses Discourse Analysis (according to Foucault). I would like to also use MAXQDA. However, I have a few questions regarding the best usage of MAXQDA within a Discourse Analytical
framework. Concretely, a question would be: What role do Memos play i.e. what would a Memo look like for someone who, according to Foucault, is not interested in deeper interpretations, perspectives etc...

Help in the form of, for example, literature or examples of MAXQDA used in Discourse Analysis would be appreciated.

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Re: MAXQDA & Discourse Analysis

02.03.2017, 17:07

Christian Herrgesell
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Re: MAXQDA & Discourse Analysis

24.11.2017, 09:45

yes, I like the topic.
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