Linking codes within or between documents

14.11.2016, 14:58

Has anyone found a way to link, or create a relationship, between codes within or between documents?

Use Case: We are annotating screen images where there are core components of the screens that are repeated on each screen such as a toolbar and menu bar. Ideally, we would only annotate the screen component one time and then link it to other documents (and document groups) where we have unique annotations. The link allows us to say that the components are the same across all screens (i.e. documents) without redundantly annotating the component on all screens.

Note: Screen Image = Document; Similar screen images are grouped under a Document Group

Version: MAXQDA 12
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Re: Linking codes within or between documents

01.12.2016, 12:08


You could use a memo with a special memo symbol for this: highlight a segment, right click on it and select "Memo". Now you can enter a Memo title like "same toolbar" and select one of the Memo symbols for it. Please not that the connection between the memo and the position will get lost if you move the memo in the memo pane with the mouse.

Another option might be to use "Document links": hightlight a segment, right click and select "Document link". Switch to the "original" image, hightlight a segment, right lick and select "Document link". Now you can jump between the images and the highlight frame is displayed permanently, which might be helpful.

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