New Product Release: MAXQDA Analytics Pro!

20.09.2016, 13:35

VERBI Software released a new product version of their qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA on September 20th, 2016.
MAXQDA Analytics Pro advances the integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches in MAXQDA to a new level.

The "Stats" module of MAXQDA Analytics Pro equips you with a large range of tools for statistical evaluation. Seamlessly quantify your qualitative data and enrich your analysis with evidence and plausibility. You can statistically analyze your qualitative data in MAXQDA or import and connect your data with data sets from Excel, SPSS or other statistic software tools.

Learn more about Analytics Pro:
Watch the Release Video:

The new features of the "Stats" module in MAXQDA Analytics Pro
• Descriptive statistics for codes and/or variables
• Statistical crosstabs
• Define missing values
• Define value labels
• Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
• Correlation
• Scales
• Compute & recode variables
• Interactive result tables
• ... and more

Try Analytics Pro with a free demo
Demo for current users: Install the latest free MAXQDA update (Release 12.2). A 3 months demo of "Stats" module is automatically included in the update.
Demo for new users: Download a free MAXQDA demo from

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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