Tracking original and corrected excerpts

02.08.2016, 15:53

I am working with a large database of interview transcripts. The transcripts are uploaded with verbatim language and need to be preserved as such in the database. However, when we use excerpts in reports, we correct for spelling and punctuation. I am looking for a way to track the corrected excerpts alongside the original excerpts so if a researcher were pulling excerpts, they would be able to see the corrected version that was used in a previous report (we do not want to have different reports with excerpts corrected in different ways).

Is there an easy way to do this? We have 200+ interviews, so keeping a list in a spreadsheet or making a duplicate corrected copy of the original transcript is not feasible.

Thank you!

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Re: Tracking original and corrected excerpts

08.08.2016, 08:14

Hi sheilajnezhad,

we have discussed your request, but see no easy way to handle this. It would be necessary to have all data twice and code it twice, because there is no function for replacing text by each other.

I see only manual ways to do this. Maybe someone else in the forum has an idea?

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Re: Tracking original and corrected excerpts

03.10.2016, 03:39

Hello –

I wonder if you have considered using memos to store the corrected excerpt. You can place a memo on any paragraph in your transcript. You may even consider assigning one of the delivered memo type symbols as the type for corrected excerpts, to help you to distinguish between interpretive memos and the ones used to store corrected text.

If you needed to, later, you could export memos to various formats, if you wanted to review corrected excerpts.

Kindest regards

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