Intercoder agreement

07.06.2016, 11:00


Can someone please give some informations about intercoder agreement?

Q1: Is it possible to calculate intercoder agreement considering 4 people (same project, same code system but 4 coders)?

Q2: Is it possible to calculate intercoder agreement for all documents and not only one by one?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Intercoder agreement

09.06.2016, 09:53

Hi Diana,

MAXQDA 12 allows pairwise calculation of intercoder agreement for two documents (= coders) at once, which means Q1 and Q2 have to be answered with No.

In some cases it might help to use the "Overview of coded segments" for manually comparison in Excel. If you are interested in the agreement for coding of whole documents, not for coded segments, the use of the "Visual Tools > Code Matrix Browser" may help, too.

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