Using the summary grid for transcripts of conversations

13.04.2016, 09:39


I have a transcription of a collective conversation between a group of people. These are due to the nature of the situation transcribed into a single document, which has been coded. The contribution of each participant has also been coded with an alias. I would now like to utilize the summary grid to get an overview of the contribution of individual participants to the conversation. In the examples of summary grid everything looks neat because it is based on individual interviews placed into separate documents, thus the document name is the column headers and the codings assigned to the documents are the row headers.
How can I create a similar summary grid overview based on a single document?
I have tried making the participant aliases into document variables, but I am stuck after this point.

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Re: Using the summary grid for transcripts of conversations

14.04.2016, 11:23

Hi Peter,

As you already have written, the Summary Grid only offers a way to create summaries for whole documents, not for parts of it.

I think the new tools in MAXQDA 12 for analyzing Focus group transcripts will help you create overview tables, you are looking for. You can convert an already coded transcript into a focus group transcript by selecting "Documents > Insert displayed text as a focus group transcript" (a copy of the original document will be created).

After the conversion you use "Visual Tools > Code Matrix Browser" with the option "Focus group participants" and many other tools to compare contributions. If you want to summarize coded segments of participants for special topics, the Quote Matrix that you can create from within the Code Matrix Browser may be a good starting point.

Please check the manual for the Focus group features in detail: ... alysis.htm

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Re: Using the summary grid for transcripts of conversations

26.04.2016, 11:36

Thank you for your help Stefan! Converting to a focus group interview did help a lot!

I wanted to create a summary of of all the contributions by a participant within maxqda.
I managed this using the following steps:

-selecting the document in the document browser that had been converted to a focusgroup interview.
-activated the participants in the code system(these had been added by the conversion into a focus group interview.)
-selected summary grid
-selected only to view activated codes and activated documents

Thank you for your help

Kind regards
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