One text, two coders

31.12.2015, 14:04

In qualitative research it is very common for 2 researchers to read and code the same text separately, before coming together and comparing notes.
What's the best practice in MAXQDA for doing this? If myself and my collaborator work on identical versions of a text but in separate projects, can we merge our codes later on?
Or, if not, is there a way of hiding all the codes and memos I've added to a certain document, so that my collaborator can work on it after me, but without seeing any of my analysis?
This is surely a pretty common scenario for users of MAXQDA, but I can't find the answer anywhere.
Many thanks!
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Re: One text, two coders

04.01.2016, 09:56

Hi Nicholas,

many thanks for your request. Oh yes, this is very common in qualitative analysis and there are several ways on working on the same text with MAXQDA. Please let me explain some here shortly:

1. Transferring the coded segments and memos from one text to another (in the same or in a different project)
a) Right click on the source document in the "Document System" window and choose "Teamwork export"
b) Save the file with the coding information
c) Right click on the target document in the "Document System" window and choose "Teamwork import" and choose the previously saved file
d) Be sure to choose the correct source and target in the dialog

This also works for whole document groups or all documents

2. Merging two projects that contain the same document to use the Intercoder function in MAXQDA
If you want to compare the coding work of two coders you should double the project, use the same code system and code the text separately. Give the two documents in the two projects different names to distinguish between them after merging. For example you can add "_Coder's name A" and "_Coder's name B".
Afterwards merge the two projects:
a) Open one of the projects and then choose "Project > Merge projects" from the main menu.
b) Choose the second project.
MAXQDA will merge the projects now and now you have the same document in the project twice, which allows you to compare the coding work:

c) Choose "Analysis > Intercoder agreement" to start the intercoder agreement routine.

Please find detailled information on these topics here: ... amwork.htm ... maxqda.htm

Hope this helps, please let us know if you need more information.
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Re: One text, two coders

04.01.2016, 10:40

Great. I like the first option.
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