MAXQDA 12 - Just released

08.09.2015, 16:32

MAXQDA 12 is now available!

VERBI Software released the newest version of their qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA on September 1st, 2015.
Users can enjoy more than 50 new features. Among them some groundbreaking innovations for focus group analysis and a direct Twitter connection.

MAXQDA 12 is a universal software package for Windows and Mac OS X - with 100% identical features and user interfaces, universal licenses and universal project files that are the same for both platforms.

Try the 30 day demo:
Learn more:

What’s new in MAXQDA 12
- Identical Software for Windows and Mac OS X
- Updated User Interface - optimized for retina/high-resolution
- Focus Group Analysis - automatic speaker detection
- Twitter Import
- Second Document Browser
- Creative Coding - code system structure on a mind map
- Similarity Analysis for Documents
- Enhanced Summaries
- Enhanced Document Portrait
- Enhanced Import of Survey Data - with support for multiple waves
- More than 50 new features

PDF with all new features: ... XQDA12.pdf
Watch the Release Video:
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