Use of OneNote?

22.10.2014, 15:27

Because of it's integration with Lync meetings, Outlook, and SharePoint, and the ability to access OneNote pages across multiple devices, I have been using it increasingly to take notes during meetings and interviews.

Are there other MaxQDA users also using OneNote, and maybe worth asking for OneNote to be something MaxQDA can import?

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Re: Use of OneNote?

10.11.2014, 15:54

I second that; even though it is possible to save OneNote files as Word documents and take it from there.

However, given the choice, I would rather have a better way of handling Acrobat (.pdf) documents, in particular making it possible for codes to span page breaks properly. As mentioned there is a workaround for at least well-formatted OneNote documents (although I must confess I have not tested it), but I haven't found a good way to incorporate Acrobat files.
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Re: Use of OneNote?

12.11.2014, 12:18

Hi there,

we have put the OneNote import on our wish list for further development of MAXQDA.
If you can, you should prefer DOC/X-Import because there are more advantages in MAXQDA than working with PDF files (i.e. PDF files have no paragraph structure and have page breaks).

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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