How to creat final report

05.07.2013, 09:09

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I beg you to advise me how to compile the final report. The fact is that in our university require research reports in MS Word format. At the same time, there are certain rules of writing this report. But MAHQDA can not do footnotes, format text, to make the content and so on. So I'm doing the interview analysis, exporting to MS Word, ms in a Word edit this analysis in accordance with the rules, my supervisor will check it and make comments. Then, I have to redo everything, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Tell me how you make your final reports?
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Re: How to creat final report

09.08.2013, 08:45

Hi Alex,

there is no special function to make a "final" report with MAXQDA, except the function "Project > Reports & Export > Smart Publisher" in MAXQDA 11, which allows you to export the coded segments into a layouted report (RTF file).

MAXQDA is designed primarily for qualitative data analysis and allows you to conduct different analtical strategies from Grounded Theory to Discourse Analysis. Each strategy needs different outputs and reports so it wouldn't be easy to create the one and only "final" report.

Do you already know the MAXQDA Reader? It is free and allows a supervisor to read your MAXQDA file and check your work without buying the software. Maybe the Reader could be helpful for your purpose.

Please let me know, if you have further questions ... perhaps there are other tools in MAXQDA that fit your needs ...
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