MAXQDA training in Canada/US from Fada Research Consulting

09.06.2010, 23:39

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that I provide introductory training on MAXQDA software in Canada and the US through my consulting company, Fada Research Consulting. I am also an Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Department of Family Studies and Gerontology). Below is an example of the topics I have covered in MAXQDA 2007 workshops. I am working on revising for version 10. These topics are covered in approximately 6.5 hours of workshop time. If you are interested in learning more about the training I can provide, please contact me at fadaconsulting@

1. Preparing text documents to be imported into the program
2. Opening the program and overview of the interface
3. Importing files
4. Looking at a text
5. Coding (open/topic)
6. Lexical searching (autocoding)
7. Retrieving coded segments
8. Memo writing
9. Creating links
10. Using the attributes table (for descriptive coding)
11. Using the logbook
12. Using the code matrix browser
13. Teamwork
14. Miscellaneous: exporting/ printing documents, hot keys, backing up files, using MAXQDA Reader, portable license, brief intro to more advanced procedures (text retrieval [co-occurrence of codes]), visual tools such as TextPortraits and MAXMaps

Sincerely, Aine Humble
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Re: MAXQDA training in Canada/US from Fada Research Consulti

19.12.2014, 06:48

Glad that i find out this post. I'll contact you after holidays for sure.
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