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No Twitter import possible

25.05.2023, 15:14

Following changes in the Twitter API regulations made by Twitter this year, MAXQDA will no longer be able to import Twitter data going forward.

We have released more details about this unfortunate development in our FAQs and informed all users via our newsletter a while ago:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to solve this situation. These changes not just affect MAXQDA, but the whole research community working with Twitter data. Here is just one source talking about the current situation:

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support

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Re: No Twitter import possible

26.05.2023, 21:43

It is a great pity and thank you for all the work and great functionality we had from this tool while it lasted!

At the same time that Twitter has poisoned the API, the environment on Twitter has become increasingly toxic for researchers and scientist of all kinds.

I have personally moved to Mastodon for most uses, and hoping that Verbi will look into building an import tool for that platform.
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Re: No Twitter import possible

01.06.2023, 15:43

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your kind words. We also regret the recent developments on Twitter and it's API. We will keep a close eye on new developments and new emerging platforms and try to support their analysis in the future.

Best wishes from the MAXQDA Team,

Andreas M.
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Re: No Twitter import possible

27.10.2023, 10:47

Dear MAXQDA team!

I have never used the Twitter functionality of MAXQDA, but I would like to. I only have read the manual and watched tutorials, so maybe I get not everything right ... but as far as I have understood this, there is a module for data sourcing and another one for the analytics ...

... I have sourced recent Twitter data via another source. Would it be possible to use this data for the analytics part? It wouldn't be a problem to adapt my data according a pre-defined data scheme ... I just need to know what's required and how to upload it to MAXQDA so it's handled like Twitter data sourced with MAXQDA.

Would be awesome if this works somehow!

Kind regards,
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