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Working with dates: variables vs codes

30.11.2022, 16:24

I am analyzing hundreds of news articles on a particular topic. I would like to be able to analyze (and also visualize) how certain codes and keywords appear in articles by year, over time. For example, does one particular word or theme appear frequently in articles written in 2011 and 2012 but not in 2019? I would like to be able to visualize the occurrence of a particular code or keyword over the course of 10-20 years (the time period my corpus of articles spans).

At this point, I have inputted the year of publication for each article using the document variable function, but I don’t know if this is the best choice. Should I be using the regular coding system instead for dates so I can analyze using the co-occurring codes function (Code Configurations)? Again, I would like to see how often and where certain codes and certain keywords appear over time. I have a predetermined list of keywords I want to track.

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