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best practice way to organize import data

29.07.2022, 16:43

So I am doing a qualitative descriptive study with 2 sources, interview questions and survey data.

I've already got my interview data in MAXQDA and I'm about to add my survey data from survey monkey into the same code system. This survey data was supplied by the same persons that supplied the interview data so I probably will need to link it somehow to each person's interview data. Also, I'm wondering should I categorize the interview data 1st, and then add in the survey data and code (line by line) the same way that I did the interview data. I suppose I'd need to be able to look at the survey data separately as well as combined with the interview data, so wondering should I open a whole separate code system to analyze survey data separately or combine it with the interview data?

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Re: best practice way to organize import data

04.08.2022, 16:26

This is not an easy question to answer without knowing more about your research project and what questions you are answering, and whether this is grounded research or applying a predetermined code system.

Typically, a focus group or interviews precedes surveys because the the survey questions i.e. what you want to quantift, are determined from the results of the interviews. In that case, the linking between the survey data and the interviews would be done at the code level, and using Summaries.

Perhaps if you explained your project and goals, it maight be easier to give you a better answer

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