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Frequency of codes for a single question within a document

Frequency of codes for a single question within a document

17.05.2021, 15:12


I have imported a questionnaire where 5000 respondents answered 10 questions, 4 of which were free text answers. I have coded the free text answers. I'd like to find the frequency of each code, for each of the 4 free text questions separately.

At the moment the code system box shows the total count for each code and I can't find a way to filter it by question. These 4 questions were translated into codes by the system, if that helps at all.

So to be clear, as an example, overall the respondents talked about 'development' 6000 times across the 5000 responses. I'd like to know how many times the code 'development' is linked with the question on benefits.

It needs to be a reasonably simple solution as there are 4 questions and 7 codes, each with 5 or so subcodes so I could be here some time if there's no simple way to do this!!

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Re: Frequency of codes for a single question within a docume

02.06.2021, 10:18


If it is not too late: have you tried Code Matrix Browser or Code Relations Browser under the Visual Tools Tab to address the issue you've posted about? I believe, these functions are best to visualize code frequency and code relations distribution across your data.


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