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Code vs Subcodes

11.03.2021, 10:38

Hello, everybody. I have a question which may look like a methodological one, but probably anyone had faced with this kind of dilemma already and would be interesting to know your opinion.

In my Coding system I have a code and subcodes. A code reflects general position on a phenomena, a subcode reflects some specific trait of a phenomena.

A code 'Learning' is put each time when a participant is mentioning learning process/ situation. A subcode 'learning from peers' is put when this type of interaction is described.

I code the sentence two times as 'Learning' and as 'learning from peers'. The frequency of 'Learning' code grows, but I wonder isn't it a kind of duplicating? I boost the code 'Learning' with the fragments of text which talk about learning from peers and may be only putting the subcode would be enough?

I understand it depends on my research questions. But still I am kind of in front of the dilemma whether I should put both codes each time when the learning from peers process occurs in text.

Thank you for your opinions in advance!

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