Documents coded with the same code multiple times

20.08.2020, 04:54


We have a large number of documents (4000) which we have coded. In some cases a document may have been coded with the same code multiple times. Is it possible to generate a report so a code is only counted once per document?


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Re: Documents coded with the same code multiple times

23.09.2020, 13:09

Hi Jared,

Perhaps you've found a solution by now, but I would suggest you considering the Code Matrix Browser, in the toolbar of which you'll find the option "Binarize view". This allows you to switch to the display where you can only see whether or not a code is present in the document. If there is one, and regardless of how often it has been used in the document, the matrix displays the number "1". You can then export the matrix to Excel for reporting.

Is this the kind of report you were looking for?


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