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bubble chart or a scatter plot

19.06.2020, 16:36


How can I create a bubble chart or a scatter plot to show the usage of a specific code?
The challenge is I have a lot of pdf files. The document portrait does not look like a solution.
Thank you.

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Re: bubble chart or a scatter plot

22.06.2020, 20:27

Could you perhaps explain a bit more what you want to depict?

I can imagine that you may want to show the count of segments for each code on the Y axis, but what would be the X axis, and in a bubble plot, what would determine the bubble size?

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Re: bubble chart or a scatter plot

14.07.2020, 13:18


Thank you for your reply.
I have huge amount of files, about 700. Each file name corresponds to a date and type of data source. (For example, Interview May 03, 2001)
Therefore, I'd like to see:
Codes on y-axis,the size of a bubble shows number of codes
Years on x-axis
I guess I need to assign variables to all files, but I am not sure.
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