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Appreciative Inquiry - Philosophical and practical

12.02.2020, 15:31

Have any of you incorporated "Appreciative Inquiry" (AI) into how you do research?

I have a client who wishes to use AI in how they run the organization, and I would like to see to what degree and how I could adopt AI as part of how I do my work for them. For example, AI interviews focus on what has worked well, and tries to explore what the best outcome has been for any specific topic or metric, and then seeks to explore what helps bring about this best result, and how to spread it. Very similar to a focus on positive outliers.

Do any of you have thoughts on where to fit AI into a philosophy (ontology, epistemology, axiology, methodology), and how you might change your interviews, alter your coding, etc. to incorporate AI in a meaningful and useful way?

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