Twitter data from arbitrary dates

18.01.2019, 05:49

It seems I can only download Twitter data from the past week. The drop-down menus for From and To are limited to the past seven days.

I recognise that Twitter may only allow seven days worth of data to be downloaded at once but surely one should be able to pick a week in the past and download from that period correct? Are we really only limited to the past seven days?!


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Re: Twitter data from arbitrary dates

05.02.2019, 02:08

I am wondering if it is possible to collect twitter dates from more than 7 dates in addition to dates in the past. For example, I want to look at the twitter conversation around particular dates before and after a major health related event. Is that is possible? If not, then can someone provide information about the twitter structure in Maxqda? I am deciding whether to upgrade Maxqda and whether I might have to purchase a Twitter API as well.
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Re: Twitter data from arbitrary dates

05.02.2019, 17:21


no, I'm afraid the twitter API does indeed allow only searches that include the last 7 days. It's not possible to search for anything beyond this interval.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas V.

Re: Twitter data from arbitrary dates

15.03.2021, 18:06

I am doing my third chapter of doctoral studies related to Twitter data.
I got the Twitter API access for academic research so that I can download tweets for more than 7 days.
Please I need to know if there is a possibility since I am connecting with my Twitter account (with access to full archive tweets), that I can download tweets from MAXQDA more than 7 days or no ?

Thanks in advance.
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