MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO statistical module

16.11.2017, 06:37


Thanks to everyone, I am analyzing the mixed research method by maxqda.

There were questions from co-authors of universities who are familiar with qualitative research.
"Can we use multiple quantities of code from a single target for quantitative analysis?"

My mixed learning method is an embedded type. (Embed qualitative data in qualitative data)

In the qualitative phase, we created code, subcategories, categories and displayed them on the diagram.

At the quantitative stage, correlation analysis (Spearman) was applied between collaborators and attributes of several subcategories (age, years of experience, etc.). (I did it with MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO)

Co-authors are worried that "There is a duplicate code from a single person, can I apply a correlation test to it?"

"Designing And Conducting Mixed Methods Research 2006 Vicki L. Plano-clark (Author)"
I learned how to supplementally use quantitative data with the book above.

MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO statistical module can perform correlation analysis between subcategories.

As a method of mixing studies, is there any problem correlating subcategories with MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO?

Creswell's book says that there is a limit to the quantitative data analysis as a type of embedded mixed research method of my type.
However, we also stated that quantitative analysis results are supplementarily used and considered based on limitations.

MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO statistical module
Can we solve co-authors' questions by integrating the results of qualitative and quantitative data?

My poor English and a nasty question
Please give us your opinion.

Satoshi Sasamura[/size:3sr5c4lu]

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Re: MAXQDA 12 ANARITICS PRO statistical module

16.11.2017, 15:13

Is the variables and code related or code with each other related, that in the spear man correlation coefficient test in statistics module. :(
satoshi sasamura
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Joined: 17.05.2017, 03:57

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