How to organize data for 16 cases, three media each?

08.07.2019, 09:38


I haven't found the solution for the simple problem: I interviewed 16 people (cases). For each of them I have three media: a video recorded (video file), an independent audio (audio file), and results of the survey (excel file). I want to "merge" these three different media - mp4, mp3 and xls for each case, in order to easy sort them out later; e.g. all women, or all heavy users etc., when analysing codes later. Which is the best way to organize it all around cases and analyse then either case by case, or group of cases by another group, or codes by codes (topics by topics)?

I used to be quantitative researcher using SPSS, so I understand that is may be somehow basic or inadequate question :) Anyway - please help me to organize the data properly for further analysis.

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