Output row per coded segment

16.05.2017, 15:04

Hi there,

I wonder how I can get an output with one coded segment per row.
This means that the document name and other document variables can be similar across multiple rows.


coded segment preview document name gender
grammatical error their really nice 1 male
spelling error surprice me 1 male

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Output row per coded segment

18.05.2017, 15:12

Hi Tess,
sure, it's very simple actually: Just retrieve the segments you wish to retrieve, and then select to display the "Retrieved-Segments"-window in table view – it's the first button from the left in the top-right corner of the "Retrieved-Segments"-window.

Then just choose to export this table view (fourth button from the left) as an excel-, html- or rtf-file – and that's it! All your coded segments are now in a neat table that also holds additional information like coverage %, weight, comments etc.
Kind regards,
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