Merging codes

27.04.2017, 15:49

I want to merge codes that are semantically the same - I am sure that the answer should be obvious, but I am not seeing it.

I merged two projects, each with its own code system, and a small percentage of the codes overlap - both code systems had codes that mean the same thing, but are named differently. e.g. "Diagnosis" and "Diagnostics" in this merged project are the same meaning, but have different codes.

I want to merge "Diagnosis" and "Diagnostics" as a single code that refers to all the segments that were previously linked to each of the old terms.


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Re: Merging codes

28.04.2017, 15:24

Hi mloxton,

I think the most direct way would be to move the coded segments of one code to the other one, and delete the (then empty) code afterwards. To do that, rightclick on the code you wish to merge, and select "move coded segments". Then rightclick on the second code, and select "move coded segments from [yourCode]". Then you can delete the empty code, also via the context menu.

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