Excel - only uploaded some of the data. Can I add more?

24.10.2016, 16:41

Hi there,

I just uploaded one column from an Excel spreadsheet and spent quite a few hours coding. I actually need to be able to cross-check the trends of responses against geographical area. Can I upload this info now, i.e. to change the document that I have started coding on or am I too late?

Worse case, I could export and then add this data and compare.


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Re: Excel - only uploaded some of the data. Can I add more?

31.10.2016, 09:11

Hi SJ Menzies,

It is not possible to add a column with the additional data to the already imported document, but this workaround should keep all the coding work and will take only a few steps:

1. Right click on the document name in the "Document System" and select "Export teamwork". Select a folder and filename to save the coding information of the document in a MEX file.

2. Right click on the document name again in the "Document System" and select "Export document" and save it to a folder.

3. Add the data you need into the exoprted file and re-import it again into MAXQDA.

4. Right click on the re-imported document and select "Import teamwork", select the previously exported MEX file and click OK on the upcoming dialog.

5. If prompted that the documents are not identical, say "Yes" to continue importing the coding work into the changed document.

Hope hits helps, best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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