Changing variables to string - button greyed out

15.07.2016, 14:26


I'm currently trying to code some data in MAXQDA 11 and realised that when I imported the document some of the variables have gone in as boolean instead of string. When I tried to change them in the data editor (document variables) window using the "Transform to string" button, the button was greyed out and I was unable to click it.

Any ideas on why this is and how I can get round it?


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Re: Changing variables to string - button greyed out

21.07.2016, 17:17

Hi Emily,

the icon "Transform into string variable" is not available for all types of variables.
You can export the data again, delete all columns except
- "Document group",
- "Document name"
- and the columns you want to change.
Then delete the "unwanted" variables in MAXQDA and reimport the variables.
Please select the appropiate variables type on the appearing dialog.

Hope this helps,
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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